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W&S — Waterlow & Sons, Ltd, printers.

wantlist — Aka want list. A list of collectibles especially needed and desired by an organized collector. Usually in chronological or catalog number order, and often with indications of budgetary limits. Dealers "wantlists" are buy lists.

war lord note(s) — Any of the colorful, and essentially unbacked, issues of the Tuchins (War Lords) of China, issued until the Communist takeover.

warrant — Any writing serving as authorization or certification for something. Specifically, authorization for the payment or receipt of money; a voucher.

watermark(ed) — A design pressed into paper during manufacture.

welfare issues — See: USDA, food stamps, food cupons.

wildcat note(s) — Early 19th Century notes issued by wildcat banks, you know, those in the boondocks, as in "among the wildcats", where they could not be located by potential redeemers, even with difficulty. Their unbacked issues were produced solely with the intent to defraud the gullible public. So, what else is new? Do the initials FRS ring a bell?

wmk — Watermarke(ed), a pricelist abbreviaton.

wo — Without, a pricelist abbreviation, sometimes written w/o. (See also: virgule.)

worldwide — As in worldwide colletor or collection. General, not narrow area specialist.

wove paper — A uniform paper which, when held to the light, shows no light or dark figures.

wpc, WPC — World paper currencies.

WPCC — World Paper Currency Collectors. (Originally, MFPMC).

wpm, WPM — World paper money (or monies).

wtd — Wanted, a pricelist abbreviation.

ww — Worldwide, or world wide, qv, a pricelist abbreviation.


XF — A misguided variant of EF, qv.


— The Yuan, qv, sign. Like its dollar and pound counterparts, it precedes the amount [123.50].

Yellow Seals — USA silver certificates issued for American troops in Africa in World War II. See also: Hawaiian Dollars.

York currency — A standard of exchange used in New York, and for a time in Toronto and Montreal, by which the Spanish dollar was valued at 8 shillings (until 1795).

Yuan — The monetary unit of China. Like its several sister-words such as Hwan, Won, Yen, etc, Yuan loosely translates into Dollar.


zythum — A malt beverage brewed by the ancient Egyptians. [My gawd, its tuff to find syngraphic z-words.]

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