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tab — See: stub, counterfoil, indented.

TdlR — Thomas de la Rue, printers.

territorials — Bank notes and other syngraphic items issued in USA territories prior to statehood. Read: territory.

territory — A part of a country or empire that does not have the full status of a principal division. For example, in USA, Alaska and Hawaii were territories before becoming states, and the Dakota Ter-ritory split into two states; in Canada, territories became provinces.

thematic (collection) — A collection that relates to a specific theme, often arranged to present a logical and chronological story. See also: topical.

time draft — A draft payable at a future date specified on the draft.

title (of a note) — The predominant line on a piece of papermoney. In the case of current FRNs, the title, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, appears both on the front as well as the back. See also: inscription, legend, and imprint.

token(s) — A fuzzy term covering a multitude of sins. Usually unofficially issed things used like money. The material is usually more substantial than paper; cardboard, plastic, and base metals (eg, Chicago Transit Authority bus tokens).

topical (stamps, coins, papermonies, etc) — A group of stamps, coins, papermonies, etc, with a common theme, eg, philosophers, space travel, transportation, flora & fauna, etc, etc. See also: thematic.

trade acceptance — A bill of exchange or a time draft drawn upon the purchaser by the seller and accepted by the purchaser for payment at a specified time.

trade draft; personal draft — A draft drawn by a business firm; a draft drawn by an individual.

traveler's check — A check or draft, usually one of a set, issued by a bank, etc, in any of several denominations, and sold to a traveler who signs it once at issuance; later, and usually elsewhere, he can cash it by having the payer witness and verify his (second) signature of endorsement. The idea is that TCs provide the traveler security re carrying cash -- the issuing organization generally replaces any lost or stolen TCs, with the insurance risk being spread out over all the small issuance fees collected. Obviously, most collectors can afford to collect only Specimen or Cancelled TCs.

traveller's cheque — Traveler's check, British rendition.

Treasury (Department) — The department of a state or nation that is in charge of revenue, taxation, and public finance.

treasury note(s) — In British usage, papermonies issued by the national Treasury as distinguished from those issued by the Bank of England.

type set — In coins, a set consisting of major types, ie, regardless of dates or mint marks. In papermonies, a set consisting of major varieties, ie, regardless of dates or signature combinations.

type styles — See: font, serif, sans-serif.

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