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P — Poor, a grade or condition below Good.

P-, P# — Pick number.

paberraha, paberrahad — Papermoney, papermonies, in Estonian.

pack — 100 notes, usually with consecutive serial numbers, as obtained from a bank. A 10-pack "package" constitutes a brick (hey, I really did not make this up, honest!).

page — As an album page. One side of an album sheet.

paper currency (-ies) — Non-interest bearing, legal tender, notes (papermonies), issued by an established national government or its banks, generally for the entire country, state or nation, circulating as a substitute for metallic money. (Note that occupation, invasion, guerrilla, military, local, emergency, etc, issues do not qualify.)

paper money (-ies) — Anything made of paper that functions as money, and has a specific value inscribed on it. (Note that this includes cheques, bearer bonds, etc, but not baseball cards whose values depend on the market.) Sure, we'll be magnanimous and allow the inclusion of silk, leather, seal skin, and certain other flexible materials. Synonym: note(s).

papermoney, papermonies — A combined word, established by Mike Tiitus thru continued use since 1969. Why? Well, stamps and coins are one word things. So? Well, word counts add up for mail order dealers creating classified ads. Before Mike came along, paper money dealers ads cost significantly more than those of stamp or coin dealers. Synonyms: note, notes.

papiergeld — Papermoney, in German.

partisan note(s) — Notes issued by a military group of irregular troops engaged in guerrilla warfare, often behind enemy lines. Examples include Croatian and Yugoslavian notes issued during the German occupation in World War II.

patriotic issue(s) — Notes, stamps or coins without negotiable value, usually issued by a patriotic group or a government-in-exile. Usually spurious rather than overprinted on target government's issues. A special case of propaganda issues, qv.

payment, medium of — See: Medium of payment.

PBC — Paper Billionaires Club. {PBC, Box 8, Forest City IA 50436}

Pcda — Professional Currency Dealers Association. (Not PCDA!)

perf — Street slang for a perforated stamp. A stamp without perforations is an imperforated stamp or simply an imperf.

perforated — Most postage stamps are perforated, ie, the sheets they come in have been drilled or punched with series of small lined holes, for ease of separation from each other. Paper documents, including papermonies, are sometimes cancelled by perforated words or designs. Specimen notes are sometimes perforated with the word SPECIMEN, or its equivalent, in lieu of printing.

phantom bank — A non-existent bank whose name appears on a spurious Canadian bank note. These were produced to take advan-tage of the trust Americans had for Canadian bank issues.

philately, philatelics — The collection and study of postage stamps and other postal materials.

Pick catalog — A comprehensive worldwide reference catalog of papermonies by Albert Pick of München, Germany. Colloquial and shorthand for the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (SCWPM), published by Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA.

Pick number — Pick catalog number.

Pilgrims Receipts — Regular papermonies overprinted in various Islamic countries for use by Muslims while visiting Mecca.

pin holes — Actually, staple holes. Several Asian countries (eg, India, Pakistan, Burma) use(d) staples instead of paper bands to prepare uncirculated bundles-of-100 of very small size notes, such as the 1 Rupee notes. A pricelist dealer can surmount this problem by still describing them as UNC, albeit with the caveat, USUAL PIN HOLES. Also, 19th Century bankers sometimes "sewed" packs of used notes together, creating at least one pinhole, in a questionable effort to prevent delivery persons from retaining a few "samples".

planchet — A flat piece of metal waiting to be struck into a coin.

planchettes — Circumfenetors. Also, a uniquely syngraphic term for small silk disks (circa 1mm diam) of various colors embedded into paper as a an anti-counterfeit security device.

plate — One of many printing plates, created from the original die.

plate number — Small numerals and or letters permanently engraved into a printing plate to identify notes printed by that plate. See also: number.

playing card money — See: card money.

plebiscite — An expression of people's will by direct ballot on a poli-tical issue. Also, a geographical area subject to such a vote in the near future. For example, an area between two countries may be claimed by both countries. Rather than going to war over it, the two countries agree to allow the locals to decide which country, if either, to merge with. Certain plebescites have issued notes.

PMO — Postal Money Order, an acronym.

political note(s) — Spurious non-negotiable notes created for political purposes, usually to satirize political figures or institutions.

POR — Price [will be given] On Request, a pricelist abbreviation for instances when prices fluctuate violently or are unknown to seller at the time of pricelist preparation.

portrait — An image of a person's head or head and shoulders, usually within a border, that appears on a note or stamp. Portrait vignettes are borderless, with the engraved background design fading off at the edges.

portrait format — A note, or indeed any presentation, whose hori-zontal measurement its smaller than its vertical measurement (H<V). Antonym: landscape format, qv.

postage currency — Nickname for the first issue of US Franctional Currency, derived from the fact that the wordings and designs resembled the then current stamps and their values. Moreover, the earliest issues were also perforated. See also: stamp money.

postal money order(s) — PMOs qualify as papermonies, though not as paper currencies, that is, they are usually not legal tender, require an endorsement, etc.

POW — Prisoner Of War, an abbreviation, as in POW notes, qv.

price — Price is what the seller asks. Cost is what the buyer pays.

printing — The process of CREATING MANY OUT OF ONE, as Al Gore, in a nationally televised speech, defined E PLURIBUS UNUM. As expected, The Media, who wouldn't stop jammering on and on and on about Dan Quayle's POTATOE, said absolutely nothing.

prisoner of war scrip (or notes) — Cards, tickets or notes, issued under The Geneva Convention, for use by POWs in POW camps.

private notes (issues) — Unofficial issues. Issues by any business or institution not chartered by a government to issue money.

promissory note(s) — Negotiable fiscal paper promising to pay on demand, sometimes after a fixed period of time, a specific amount of money to the person named or to the bearer. All bank notes are promissory notes, but not visa-versa.

proof — Printer's proofs can be generated anytime during the plate design process to see how it is coming along, how the colors look, to test various security devices etc. Occasionally, such proofs escape into the collectors market; such items are generally incomplete in some way, and often on the wrong paper. Highly evolved proofs qualify as essays (qv) which can be submitted to potential customers for approval.

PROOV — Equivalent to SPECIMEN, in Estonian.

propaganda issue(s) — Almost anything designed, printed, and "issued" for propaganda purposes. Specifically, wartime counterfeits or blatant facsimiles of enemy notes imprinted with a propaganda message, and air-dropped behind enemy lines. The psychology being that the finder would be more apt to pick it up read it if it looked like money. Both money-like and simple psywar leaflets have been used extensively in all wars since World War One. Also, genuine enemy notes thus overprinted (or altered, qv), provided they could not be turned into something of value.

provincial note(s) — Notes issued by a provincial or colonial government.

provisional issues — Notes or stamps issued, as an emergency measure, shortly after a government (or currency) changeover, by the new government (or issuer), sometimes by overprinting the previous government's materials, while waiting for the new stuff to be designed and printed. Not to be confused with the notes or stamps issued during a provisional government (which may or may not continue to use existing materials).

psywar leaflets — Almost anything designed, printed, and air-dropped behind enemy lines for propaganda purposes. A branch of militaria, vaguely related to syngraphics via propaganda issues, qv.

Qatar — Qatar, in Qatarese, and probably in Arabic as well.

QE2 — QEII, a pricelist abbreviation.

quarterfoil — Aka quatrefoil. A flower with four petals; a leaf with four leaflets; etc. In syngraphics, an often used watermark design, notably on German notes of the post World War I era. (Look, it is not easy to find Q-entries for a papermoney dictionary.)

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