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Kaap de Goed Hoop — Cape of Good Hope.

Kaiserlichen — Imperial, in German.

kassa — Treasury (money box), in Estonian.

kasse — Treasury, in German.

Kassenschein — Treasury note, in German.

kohaline — Local, in Estonian.

kohustus — Obligation (debt), in Estonian.

Kriegsdarlehnskasse — War Loan Bank, in German.

kroon, krooni — Crown, crowns, in Estonian.

— Pound symbol. Like the dollar symbol ($), it always immediately precedes the monetary amount.

l — Light. A pricelist abbreviation, essentially for describing colors, eg, l blue. See also: d for dark.

labour note(s) — Based on a theory, smacking of socialism, that money could be issued in, for example, hours-of-labor denominations, while neglecting the total impracticality of backing such money. The whole idea of precious metals is their standard value, while peoples abilities vary significantly. Still, such a system was actually tried by Englishman Robert Owen in the 1830s; similar systems were tried later in USA.

laid paper — Stop that snickering!  When held to the light, the paper shows alternate light and dark crossed lines.

landscape format — A note, or indeed any presentation whose horizontal measurement its greater than its vertical measurement (H>V). Antonym: portrait format, qv.

Large Size Currency (or Notes) — The old size notes of USA issued prior to 1929, so named after the Small Size notes appeared (those still with us today). The size contrast also begat nicknames such as saddle blanket and horseblanket. Legend has it that the size of IBM cards, tho not identical, was inspired by LSNs. See also: Small Size Note(s). ..... For my money, LSNs as a group are the best engraved, if not the prettiest, of all papermonies, even though my humble collection has not been able to afford very many of them. They were a rich man's hobby even when I began collecting world papermonies in 1965 (having, by that time, collected stamps for twenty-five years).

Latvija, Latvijas — Latvia, Latvian in Latvian.

Law..., Law of... — Some papermoney issues of some countries yield either the number of the law, or the number and date of the law under which which such notes were issued. In the absence of an issue date on such a note it is sometimes difficult to determine when the note was issued, though serial numbers and signatures may yield clues.

leather money — Apparently some existing examples of leather money predate Year Zero. Some experts consider these to be the forerunners of paper money. I disagree. Paper is just that -- paper. Almost every kind of material has had a major league tryout as money. Leather money could be, just as well, considered the precursor of coins.

legal tender — Currency explicitly determined by a government to be acceptable in the discharge of debts.

legend — A title or a description associated with an illustration or a vignette on a note or stamp. An inscription on a coin.

leggo — Law, in Italian.

Leih und Kommertzbank — Loan & commerce bank, in German.

letter(s) of credit — A letter from a bank, usually addressed to a correspondent bank but carried by the holder, asking that the holder be allowed to draw money up to a certain limit. Widely used by travelling international businessmen prior to electronic banking. Most of the ones I've seen have been issued by British banks, have money-like appearances, often in styles identical to the banks' travellers cheques, almost crying out to be collected in "big and little sibling pairs, or sets".

ley, leyes — Law, laws, in Spanish.

Liban — Lebanon, in Lebanese (or French).

liberation notes — I found this term in my files, but I'll be damned if I can remember what it referred to. Of course, having lots of money can be a liberating experience...exhilarating even.

Libia — Libya, in native language.

libre — Free, in Spanish and French.

Lietuva, Lietuvos —Lithuania, Lithuanian, in Lithuanian.

lithography — From Greek roots for stone and writing. A printing method based on ink absorbing (greased) and ink repelling (watered) areas on a flat stone or metal plate. As distinguished, for example, from engraved, plates. See also: engraving.

Londres — London, in Spanish.

LUV — Low Unit Value, a useful acronym when writing about collectibles. Antonym: HUV.

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