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  Afghanistan -- Azerbaijan                                             Eesti Vabariik 24 Feb 2015  27 March 2016
  Bahamas -- Burundi
  Cambodia -- Czech Republic
  Danzig -- Dominican Republic
  East Africa -- Ethiopia  
  ESTONIA   Redesigned ... now includes Secondary or Specialized issues
  Faroe Island -- Fr West Africa   
  Gabon -- Guyana  
  ...Germany & Colonies
  Haiti -- Hungary
  Iceland -- Iran     Redesigned page ... many prices reduced
  Iraq -- Italy    Redesigned page ... many prices reduced
  Jamaica -- Jordan   Redesigned page ... a few prices reduced
  Katanga -- Kyrgyzstan    under reconstruction
  Laos -- Luxembourg
  Macao -- Mauritius        
  Memel -- Myanmar
  MEXICO    only the Un Peso notes, DF, entered so far...still, a good start
  Namibia -- Norway
  NEW NOTES and IMBL NEWS   new.htm
  Oceania -- Puerto Rico
  PHILIPPINES     Completed at last! 
  Qatar -- Rwanda-Burundi
  Saar -- Slovenia
  Solomon Islands -- Syria
  Tanzania -- Tuscany
  Uganda -- Uzbekistan
  Vanuatu -- Zimbabwe
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  PROOF NOTES listed under Bolivia, Brazil, and El Salvador   ALL SOLD OUT 07-Jne-02
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